So, you want a dog…

On television, walking down the street, visiting with friends and see everyone with their furry friends. Their compadres. Their partners in crime and laziness. Their dogs. Sure, it’s appealing in all the right ways and I can’t blame you for wanting to find a fuzzy creature to call your own. Having a dog is... Continue Reading →

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You Need Therapy

…just let that sink in. I really mean it. Absolutely everyone should go to therapy, I believe that. We are humans and over time we become broken. We get worn thin, over worked, over used, over tired and often times we never take care of ourselves. I see the mind as a muscle, it has... Continue Reading →

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Progression of Self-Love

I want to talk about this photo. Which is weird. Normally I wouldn’t even want to look at this photo or think about it at all. On any ordinary day I’d delete this image as soon as I laid eyes on it…but something changed. Yes, the photo is blurred for this article. After writing this... Continue Reading →

Cheers to Almost 40…

Pardon me while I stand on this soap box and give you advice the only way I know how....unless of course, in true Aries fashion, I'm giving you some kind of aggressive pep talk, which I've been known to do. Recently I was asked, "What is advice you'd give kids these days?". After thinking long... Continue Reading →


Recently I’ve been reading a book with an entire chapter painting the picture of a town the author grew up in. It gave me so many feelings reading it and inspired me to write about my town, my childhood, my experience. Just fragments of what I remember. I don’t want to forget more than I... Continue Reading →

From Where I Sit…

The hum of the furnace and Elvis’ little snore. My fingers typing as the next words come to my thoughts. The lights on our Christmas tree and the feeling of excitement this time of year — even without children, it’s still magical. Pine and peppermint as I breathe it all in. The heat of my... Continue Reading →

A Collector of Moments…

I remember when we went to that concert and found my spirit animal and witnessed someone seeing the blue sky for the first time. I remember you meeting me early and teaching me to swim and never letting me talk down to myself. I remember the sweetest note and most perfect timing when you asked... Continue Reading →

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