I’m Andrea. I am a LOT all over the place, and this will never change. I have little to no grey area and a heart bigger than my body. If I love you, I love you big. I am a serial hobbiest (go ahead and use that, I made it up, and it’s perfect). If I find something of interest, I go ALL-IN. This ranges from Crossfit, to booty shorts (I ordered 45 pair within a year, because that is reasonable), from running, to baking, to cleaning toilets, to gardening…you name it. If I do something it is never half-assed, you can count on that. Opposite of all-in, is my sheer ability to be all-out. Rarely is there turning back but my addictive personality can’t have “tastes” of anything it loves.

I started blogging as a way to hone my feelings and share experience. I still have yet to decide on a single topic for this platform, and I’m not sure I will. If I feel passion about something, I want to write about it. It’s who I am. I love to wordsmith and if I thought I had the attention span for it, I’d write a book. So instead, here I am, telling snippets of stories I think are worth sharing: a stint of sobriety, therapy, achieving goals, self love and hatred, traumas, successes, loss, love, travel, and your occasional off the cuff rant on candy corn….

If there’s anything I can get across it is this: We can change the world by allowing ourselves the ability to have important conversations with people we disagree with; without hope to change their mind and with a mind open enough to accept a change if it comes.


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